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Integrated wall equipment enterprises need to word of mouth, innovation and development

Date: 2017-03-24
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Near the end of the year, the major industries are to carry out the promotion to complete this year's task sprint, a variety of promotional tools varied, sign will, bargain, new promotions, factory direct supply ... ... which is particularly about the next cut Price will, bargain will be the rise of this year and the majority of manufacturers by the time-tested promotional means!

In the past two years, the integrated wall industry has been developing rapidly, the number of brands has increased dramatically, the homogeneity is serious and the market competition is fierce. In order to seize the consumer market, various integrated wall brands have resorted to various promotional methods to promote flood , Individual businesses and businesses is to reduce the cost of product shoddy, shoddy, may lead to greater industry crisis.

Whether it is price war, or promotion, the price behind it is not true, opaque, contrary to the price tag. We found from the bargain will be hot behind the found: integrated wall products false discount promotion has become a hidden rules, some businesses for consumers on the integrated wall products do not understand and like to bargain of the psychological, to take the price and then discount sale Method, so that the price of integrated wall products, such as fog-like people can not guess, I do not know. Consumers do not understand the price of integrated wall products, "water" in the end how deep, out of instinct, often ask for a discount, and businesses put the price elevation, bargain space larger, consumers used to bargain, so often Is the business and consumers "win-win": businesses may get more value, and consumer demand for psychological satisfaction.

Integrated wall enterprises to get rid of the promotion of the quagmire, it must improve their brand competitiveness, in the promotion at the same time must be to the word of mouth, brand service, innovation and quality, improve products and services as a criterion, in order to make integrated wall enterprises continue to develop, In order to obtain consumer favorite.

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